site updates

i may add shit here at some point last upadtes page was deleted a while ago dew to me not adding feck all lets see if i can be arsed this time .

should hopefully have now changed all whimpy player links whimpy player is now at

changed deep web start page to a 2 col template + deleted dead links etc

over the last week or so i have changed a few random
things on the home page
changed pics page & porn page to a 2 col template
uploaded new random mix

over the last few days i have updated ganja pics page at
& feeds page at
new background & css etc for pics page plus new gifs etc new rss widget for feeds page from

Over the last few months I've done a few random things around here added wimpy player & new links etc to front page made a few start pages plus other stuff I can not remember .

made new runkod app for Wimpy Player pages

added Reed of Life (BWR/23) by Big Wave Records
added Horizontal Line styles etc to blog input css

i am gonna start useing Twine for blog psts etc

random ramblins