Hello i will try to remember to add updates here lol .

15/12/2016 new template for   blog

14/12/2016 have not put updates on here for a fair while & its now all most fecking Christmas lol i have been trying a few things out like jQuery video plugins  etc  also i have moved fanny the ferret home page  here  to neocities

26/7/2016 over the last few days have been finishing off   the feeds page   & today i made a few small changes to   webstuff.html.

16/7/2016 I have put sharethis social sharing buttons on this page the home page & the new feeds page may add to a few more will not bother to add it to a lot of the pages here. The best way to share a webpage is to copy & past the url anyway. Have kept old about page for no good reason it can now be found  here

13/7/2016 have been fecking around with a few free templates made 3 new pages this new about page & this ganja pics page   & this page for news & blog rss feeds still a few links to old about page that i will change in a bit.This template is from FreeHTML5.co