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RIP Franco loja The Strain Hunter

grizzly 11:51 pm on June 30, 2016
For some time now i have mainly tried to avoid watching or reading the main stream media dew to thinking it to be full of bullshit propaganda & depressing stuff tho sadly it is not possible to avoid altogether . i think politics in the uk is a corrupt bullshit panto & always has been .i do not think leaving the eu will help change this any time soon & the conservative government will continue to screw over the poor for the benefit of the rich as they always have done . no matter what asshole they have as leader.

grizzly 5:05 pm on April 12, 2016
the start of this week saw the loss of the one & only Howard Marks aka Mr Nice may he rest in peace.

grizzly 2:17 am on April 7, 2016 is one year old today

date 26/7/2015
the uk Cannabis Community has been a buzz recently After Durham's Police and Crime Commissioner Ron Hogg recently confirmed the constabulary has ended the proactive detection of small-scale cannabis production and said police will only go after users if a complaint is made or their actions are “blatant”. something i think many police forces have been doing for some time anyway dew to them having less money & their for having to not bother with such pointless laws the media jumped on this sparking loads of debate .Government went rah rah you cant the law is the law sort of shit then a Petition was started on the UK Government Petitions site it has been nice to see it doing well now having 132,043 signatures & still growing hopefully this may make them debate this in Parliament tho it says they only have to consider doing so.our government does not want to change any laws but if the cops do not want to enforce their silly laws & the people do not want to obey them maybe they will get down from their ivory tower & give us the freedom to choose our drug of chose without persecuting us for doing so.well done to everyone one who have signed the Petition & thanks to activists for fighting for our rights.keep up the good work free the weed

I as Meany other people am sick to death of the rich elitist scum that run this country and it is of course all the more sicking when they wheel out the fucking Queen to tell us we are all in the same boat. or lay out how the poor should be made to pay for the failures of the greed obsessed system And how they should take away our human rights and freedoms. as if this is not enough of a fucking piss take just before that we had the fucking prince saying to the press how he would like to bring back military conscription so we can go and die for his benefit no doubt. If this country was any thing like a free country with it defiantly is not .we would get the right to have a vote on getting rid of these assholes who are born to live in luxury and treat us like their pets.